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Episode 07: Paid Search Ads

August 14, 2019 ROI Revolution
Let's Get Digital! | Digital Marketing Podcast | ROI Revolution
Episode 07: Paid Search Ads
Show Notes

Keeping up with Google: Do You Know the 7 Properties that Follow Your Life? In this revealing episode of Let’s Get Digital, Dylan Padula and Brennan Hall connect with paid search expert and Google guru, Elizabeth McRae to review Google’s new and expanded multi-channel ad formats as part of their shift to focus more on audiences. Search, once the hub of AdWords is now becoming just one of the spokes in Google Ads as these developments challenge the norms of search query intent now that Google knows exactly where people are in the funnel. Creeped out yet? Tune in to understand the future of Google Ads, what all they really know about you, and the tactics you should start thinking about applying for your brand. Let’s Get Digital tackles developments and hot topics in digital marketing, interviews subject matter experts, and offers best practice strategies and tactics for success. We’re always interested in what you guys want to hear from us. To submit a question or comment, write us at [email protected] Tune in next episode to remain in-the-know with all things digital marketing!

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