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Episode 05: IRCE Recap

July 15, 2019 ROI Revolution Season 1 Episode 5
Let's Get Digital! | Digital Marketing Podcast | ROI Revolution
Episode 05: IRCE Recap
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IRCE 2019: What happened at the world's largest ecommerce marketing conference? On this episode of Let’s Get Digital, our hosts Dylan Padula and Brennan Hall discuss the major takeaways from IRCE with ROI’s Director of Technology, David Austin. In this exciting episode, you’ll discover the importance of omnichannel commerce, hybrid marketplaces, direct-to-consumer trends, and the rise of artificial intelligence. We take a deeper dive into the overall technology maturity curve in ecommerce, as David summarizes what he saw in regards to how vendors are preparing for the new direction of holistic digital marketing that we’re moving toward within the industry, as well as platform capabilities, Amazon's approach, and trends that will start to have a major impact on brands in 2020. Let’s Get Digital tackles developments and hot topics in digital marketing, interviews subject matter experts, and offers best practice strategies and tactics for success. We’re always interested in what you guys want to hear from us. To submit a question or comment, write us at [email protected]. Tune in next episode to remain in-the-know with all things digital marketing! 

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IRCE Recap
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